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After Thanksgiving Dance at Amarith Table ~ December 2, 2023; 8-10 PM

After Thanksgiving, it is time to get ready for Christmas. Get off that couch and enjoy a lively, fun time with your favorite band. Join us at our new venue, Amarith Table in Garden Grove, just off the 22. It looks like there is ample parking. The interior may be snug. Their menu looks great! Come and dance!

Enjoy the fun, fellowship, music, food, and dancing with the high energy of Donny and the Walkers and with Donny’s audience interaction. Come and dance to new music by the Walkers and our great vocalists Nick, Greg, Grant, Judi, Scott, and Lorin.

Flashback Seventies Dance at MoonGoat Coffee ~ 12/30/23

We had some good fun with the Swingin Sixties outfits. Can we dress for the next decade which leads into disco? Maybe Elvis Costello’s Allison will be back along with a new Costello tune! What a pleasant surprise when working through the recording.

We are back at the new MoonGoat venue as we near the end of this year. And, I am ready for a new one! We’ll have new music, some extra line dances, and probably even a new Beatles song!

This venue requires a $10 cover charge.

Swingin Sixties Dance at MoonGoat Coffee II ~ November 4, 2023; 8-11 PM

1985 Placentia Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Swingin Sixties Dance, MoonGoat Coffee Roasters, November 4, 2023

We had a great time traveling back to the sixties. Donny and the Walkers gave us lots of new music and lots of old music. There were sixties outfits with hairdos and go-go boots. Do you remember those days?

Sunny was back and sounding great with a new tune, La Bamba. This was our first time at MoonGoat’s new facility. There was more space and we could stay later. Donny and the Walkers played three sets ending at 11 pm.

Special Veteran’s Dance at Knowlwood Restaurant ~ November 11, 2023; 6-9 PM

14952 Sand Canyon Avenue
Irvine, CA 92618

Special Veteran’s Dance, Knowlwood Restaurant, November 11, 2023

The Donny and the Walker veterans were back at Knowlwood Restaurant on Veteran’s Day! We had a fun evening dancing to some great old and new music from the band and guest vocalists. Some new dancers joined us and we ensured they had a good evening! That is what it takes to expand the group and have them invite their friends.
All photos of the events are available on the Donny Walker Google Drive

Tropical Nights Dance at MoonGoat Coffee ~ August 12, 2023; 7-9:30 PM

Tropical Nights Dance, MoonGoat Coffee Roasters, August 12, 2023

Although it was a wonderful warm evening, the AC was cranking and it was cool inside. Being a lazy summer day in August, the dancers were a little slow getting there but eventually with Donny and the Walkers sounding great, the shop was full and swinging. We took a bit of time to wish happy birthdays to Donny and Ben. With all the dancing, the evening went by too quickly.
Ten o’clock rolled in and after tidying up the coffee shop and packing up the band we were asked to leave. Over twenty folks came to mix it up at Norm’s for food, socializing, and Sequence. Beyond the Cinderella hour only serious gamers remained.
Join us at Knowlwood Restaurant for the September is for Singles Dance!

Videos are on the YouTube site https://www.youtube.com/@donnyandthewalkers
Photos of the events are available on the Donny Walker Google Drive

Tropical Nights Dance, MoonGoat Coffee Roasters, August 12, 2023

Let’s Do Dinner and a Dance at Knowlwood Restaurant ~ July 29, 2023; 6-9 PM

We had a delightful first dance at Knowlwood Restaurant. Thanks to everyone that came and supported Knowlwood. We kept the kitchen busy with a sizable line waiting to order for most of the evening.

The sizable menu has breakfast all day, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, Mexican, seafood, ice cream, and other desert goodies. The old blacksmith shop had a variety of antiques and memorabilia to check out.

The venue had good acoustics for Donny, Sunny, Audrey, Chris, and Peter. The vocalists Nick, Grant, Greg, Judi, Scott, and Lorin enjoyed the sound and a full floor of dancers. The dance floor was large but the band and vocalists kept it filled.

Shut the Barn Door Dance at Knowlwood Restaurant ~ October 7, 2023; 6-9 PM

14952 Sand Canyon Avenue
Irvine, CA 92618

Shut the Barn Door Dance, Knowlwood Restaurant, October 7, 2023

We had a great time again at Knowlwood with Lorin celebrating her birthday! Lorin invited family and friends and got to sing some extra songs because Sunny was attending a friend’s wedding. Our great fans were a bit late in arriving being a Saturday with lots of entertainment options. However, the barn filled up and it was a great evening of song and dance. There were some new vocals with Sunny missing I’ll have them posted soon.

Silky’s Secret Dance at Silky Sullivan’s ~ June 9, 2023; 8:45-11 PM

The secret is out!

It was a fun Friday evening at Silky’s. Donny, Sunny, and Audrey had a great drummer and bass player and with the guest vocalists they delivered a great evening of dance music for us.

Silky’s Secret Dance, Silky Sullivan’s Restaurant, June 9, 2023
Silky’s Secret Dance, Silky Sullivan’s Restaurant, June 9, 2023

Why Be Gloomy? Let’s Dance at MoonGoat Coffee ~ June 17, 2023; 7-9:30 PM

Band and guest vocalists

Just in time for the dance, summer finally arrived on Saturday with sunny skies during the day and temps in the upper seventies. It was a wonderful evening for a dance at MoonGoat Coffee with Donny and the Walkers. Great music by the band, plenty of people to dance with, full house but not crowded, social time with the band and friends afterward at Norm’s. Another great evening in Costa Mesa!

A chorus line! Always something new with Donny and the Walkers!