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The performance is an audience interactive show. Being a dance band, the audience is inspired before the first chord is struck to get up and dance. Donny encourages audience participation with chorus lines in some tunes. Band members put on hats, mustaches, and glasses during some tunes for a bit of mirth. There are several guest vocalists that allow Donny and Sunny a mini break with their voices. Stories and jokes are a new part of the show. Donny is there to have fun with the audience, not just to play to them.

Original Members of Donny Walker and Fo'sho at OC Singles in Costa Mesa 9/4/20
Original Members of Donny and the Walkers at OC Singles in Costa Mesa 9/4/20

Donny Walker and Fo’ sho began as a dance band in the summer of 2019. Pastor Thomas Rose of OC Singles for Christ asked Donny if he had a dance band. That planted the seed for Donny to assemble a “for sure” dance band, which resulted in Fo’sho. The original Fo’sho included Tim Sharman who played keyboard and guitar, Michael Crandall on bass guitar, and Josh Barry on drums.

Since 2019, Donny has played at Christian dance venues such as Angel City coffee house, OC Singles for Christ church, MoonGoat Coffee Roasters, Single+Passion ministry, and Silky Sullivan’s Restaurant and Irish Pub. Donny has also been invited to play at the American Cancer Society’s annual Run for Life events.

We have decided on a name change in September of 2022. The new name is Donny and the Walkers. It is in keeping with the bands Christian walk.

Get in Touch

Donny and the Walkers is available for concerts in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties.

Band History

Current Members

Sometimes members have other obligations. The band may be composed of these members and other players.

  • Donny Walker sings lead vocals and plays lead guitar
  • Sunny Durant began singing in January 2020
  • Audrey Joy began playing keyboards in November 2022
  • Jeff Bayless began playing bass guitar in November 2022
  • Steve Stimler began playing drums in June 2023
Guest Vocalists

Guest Vocalists enjoy singing with the band and it changes the performance over time.

Interim Members

Other players have participated when able as needed.

  • Steve Stimler played drums in December 2019
  • Roger Beall played drums from December 2021 through May 2022
  • Paul Johnson played bass guitar from December 2019 through June 2022
  • Chris Benner played bass guitar from April 2022 through July 2023
  • Mike Alvarez played drums from June 2022 through January 2023
  • John Lamothe played bass guitar in November 2022
  • Peter Pfiefer played drums from January 2023 through July 2023
  • Jeff Fish played drums from February 2023 through April 2023
  • Ray Ventura played drums in May 2023
  • Dave Kelsen played bass guitar in August 2023
Original Members
  • Donny Walker sings lead vocals and plays lead guitar
  • Josh Barry played drums through March 2021
  • Michael Crandall played bass guitar through March 2021
  • Tim Sharman played guitar and vocals though May 2021

Social Media and Contact

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Facebook page for Donny Walker and Fo'sho 5/20/22

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