Let’s Do Dinner and a Dance at Knowlwood Restaurant ~ July 29, 2023; 6-9 PM

We had a delightful first dance at Knowlwood Restaurant. Thanks to everyone that came and supported Knowlwood. We kept the kitchen busy with a sizable line waiting to order for most of the evening.

The sizable menu has breakfast all day, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, Mexican, seafood, ice cream, and other desert goodies. The old blacksmith shop had a variety of antiques and memorabilia to check out.

The venue had good acoustics for Donny, Sunny, Audrey, Chris, and Peter. The vocalists Nick, Grant, Greg, Judi, Scott, and Lorin enjoyed the sound and a full floor of dancers. The dance floor was large but the band and vocalists kept it filled.

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